Fair 2024

Ok, let’s talk about sex. Why not? The Bible does - a lot! Like all appetites, however, sexual desires must be limited to be healthy. So what are those limits? Now we’re talking!
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Is the universe millions of years old? Did God make the world in 6 days? Great questions! Christians have thought about this at least since Augustine in 400 AD. A healthy church will be a safe place to ask questions and explore meaning, even the meaning of important Bible stories. Click the button to find out more.
The Bible is special because it’s God’s own word to us. The Bible explains: The world was created good. Human selfishness broke that goodness. Best of all, God loves people so much he’s made a way for us to be with him again forever. Click the button to find out more.
“If I disappeared, would anyone care?” That's an all-too-common question. The Surgeon General says 1/2 of us are lonely. God says you were designed for 4 loving relationships: 1) God 2) Self 3) Others 4) Creation. So What’s wrong with us? Is there hope? Click the button to find out more.
Heaven is a government - a perfect government! (In the Bible it’s a kingdom). The Bible says God will bring his government to earth when God’s Son returns. Each person must either accept or reject God’s government. Jesus invites you to accept God’s loving rule today and take your place in the kingdom of heaven. Click the button to find out more
YES. God is no grump, God loves a party! God’s kingdom is full of singing, dancing, and feasting. Celebration is a gift from your Father - a tiny taste of heaven. Now, what part of the fair do you think would be God’s favorite?? Click the button to find out more.
We don’t know! God’s universe is really really big so anything is possible. The Bible tells us angels and demons are real, even though it doesn’t tell us much about them. Could there be aliens or even other beings that break our categories? Why not?! Tell us what you think! Click the button to find out more.