Are Aliens Real?

We don’t know! God’s universe is really really big so anything is possible. The Bible tells us angels and demons are real, even though it doesn’t tell us much about them. Could there be aliens or even other beings that break our categories? Why not?! Tell us what you think!

We admit we were pretty much having fun with this one. You’ve probably thought about it too, it seems everyone has a belief one way or another about UFOs and little green men. Is it possible that there’s intelligent life out there somewhere other than earth? Maybe…
When Jesus walked the earth there were people all over the world that the folks in Israel knew nothing about. They would have seen them as aliens, even though they were the same species. Would intelligent life on other planets pose a challenge to your faith or to Christian theology in general? Believe it or not, lots of people are thinking about this! 

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Here’s a 2 min video from Christian astronomer Deb Haarsma thinking aloud on this subject.